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Main ingredients
Black food (black bean,black berry) peptide, natural seaweed
Product descripion
World's first natural hydrogel mask with bio tech high molecule new techology and 
powerful protein transmission technology PTD
Natural seaweed and black food provide rich nutrition for bright skin with elasticity
Added essence to pack twice for providing nutrition to skin directly
Excellent product which has passed skin sensitization test, allergy test, 
oral toxicity test and eye irritancy test
Can be reused as a body essence after dissolving in 80˚C water as it's harmless natural gel
Paraben, alcohol, artificial pigment, petroleum oil free
*Natural hydrogel mask
Essence is released gradually according to the body temperature
Blocks extemal air to prevent moisture loss and care moist skin with vitality
How to use
Take out the pack and remove the white film. After applying onto face, remove the transparent film
If the essence is absorbed into skin and the sheet gets thin, remove the sheet and 
tap the excess  essence gently for absorption
**After using the sheet mask, you can dissolve it into hot water. Then, you can use it as body essence

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