Dr.Jart Shaking Rubber Luminous mask



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◾Brand : Dr.Jart
◽Name : Shaking Rubber Luminous mask
◽닥터자르트 쉐이킹 러버 루미너스 마스크
두가지 제품을 섞어서 칵테일처럼 흔들어서 크림제형으로 변하면 얼굴에 바른뒤 20분뒤쯤 굳으면 벗겨내는 #필오프마스크팩 💋
재미도 있고 사용후 피부가 밝아진거 같아 좋아요 🙋

 Cocktail shake mask serves as a brightening modeling pack by easily shacking together double trans Booster and a luminous liquid Ampoule. Contains skin whitening botanical complex to create bright and clear skin tone, and get rid of dark spots and uneven dull tone.

Enhanced skin care effect compare to general sheet masks, the modelling pack mixes ampule with special components that prevents ampoule from evaporation, which allows deliver the nutrients directly into skin.

Close skin contact adhesion allows to remove dead skin when the pack is peeled off, which promotes creating soft and nutritious skin


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