Holika Holika Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet

holika holika

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Mask Makgeolli Brightening Mask Sheet contains Korean rice wine Makgolli that will make your skin radiant and healthy. Herbal ingredients nourish the skin with moisture and nutrients. A high quality natural rice extract helps lighten the tone of the face and prevents the formation of age spots, lightens existing ones.

Yeast - rich in minerals and B vitamins, which speeds up the metabolic processes in cells; D and C, which help to strengthen the cell walls, and make the skin more elastic and smooth. And also rich in antioxidants and amino acids that trigger collagen synthesis needed to maintain youthful skin.

Rice - charges skin with moisture from the inside and nourishes it. In addition, it helps equalize the tone of the face and lightens dark spots, post-acne marks. It has rejuvenating properties and reduces wrinkles. It soothes the skin, makes it more elastic.

Proteins - hydrolyzed proteins moisturize, soften, smooth wrinkles and makes skin soft and toned.


Put the mask on clean face, leave to work for 10-15 minutes to cool and calm your skin. Gently massage in any excess liquid.

Size: 20 ml.

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