SNP H2O Black Bean Aqua Solution 4-Step Mask


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  • SNP H2O Black Bean Aqua Solution 4-Step Mask
  • SNP H2O Black Bean Aqua Solution 4-Step Mask

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H2O Black Bean Aqua Solution 4-Step Mask


H2O Aqua Solution 4-Step Mask
Intensive care 4-step solution mask to finish many steps of washing, applying and sticking with only one step.
-Water of clean Jeju! It contains Jeju volcano natural bedrock water-
Intensive moisturizing mask for dry and sensitive skin and it fully fills up the clean water energy of Jeju oxygen water at the same time.
[Intensive 4-step care system with only one sheet of maskpack]
Cleansing foam, boosting ampoule, mask and eye &neck cream were integrated to all-in-one mask which effectively cares the skin trouble that used to be difficult to solve with only pack because it delivers the effective ingredients required to your skin.
[Healthier skin with nutrition of Black food!]
Black bean extract and black currant extract rich with anthocyanin and black pearl extract and black teat extract that invigorates worn-out skin nourishes deeply into skin, grooming it into a smooth and healthy skin.
[Moist hydration care from nature]
Light moisturizing water of Witch Hazel water, birch sap, and lavender water replenishes concentrated hydrating energy to dry skin and turn your skin most.
[Charcoal Blacksheet for bodily waste absorption and clear skin]
Blacksheet with charcoal closely adheres to skin, quickly nourishing the skin with nutrients, and helps skin cleansing, making your skin smooth.

[Main substance]

[Black Pea Extract]
Helps skin regeneration, have antioxidant property, and enhances body metabolism. Black pea contains plentiful of substance similar to collagen, which is good for skin, increasing skin elasticity and regeneration. Flavonoid substance in bean helps antioxidant effect, suppressing cellular aging and helping skin aesthetics.
[Black currant extract]
Black currant contains rich calcium, vitamin A, C and polyphenol, invigorating skin.
Its major pigment, Anthocyanin, has strong antioxidant property
[Black tea extract]
It helps to reinvigorate distressed skin from aging, protect skin from harmful substance, and increase skin moisture, helping to maintain moist skin.
[Black pearl extract]
Used not only by Cleopatra, Yang Guifei, but also royal ladies of Mughal Empire, Black pearl contains 20 types of mineral, amino acid, calcium, and various physiological activators as recorded in Eastern medicine literature is water-soluble, maintaining skin in light-acidic state, enhancing skin immunity and making skin bright and moist. Also, its excellent cleansing makes skin clear and clean with its excellent cleansing property.
[Birch sap
Birch sap is also called ‘water of life’ as it is rich with effective substances such as amino acid, mineral, glucose, and organic substance. It imbues skin with gloss, tidies skin tone, and prevents skin dryness.
[Lavender water]
It regulates serum secretion and deactivates exterior substances harmful to skin, helping improvement and management of oily skin or troublesome skin.
*The contents of above is only limited to property of substance 

[How to use]

1. Make foams fully using [1STEP aqua foam] with water, massage softly and rinse with lukewarm water.
2. Apply the appropriate amount of [2STEP aqua boosting ampoule] all over the face, spread evenly to be absorbed.
3. Stick [3STEP aqua mask] to the full face. Remove mask after 10-20 minutes and tap remained essence to be absorbed.
4. Apply the appropriate amount of [2STEP eye & neck cream], spread to eye, neck skin in which skin care is needed to be absorbed.


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