TONYMOLY Naturalth Goat Milk Placenta Mask Sheet


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Green : Moisture / Soothing

1 STEP: Goat milk foam cleansing

Whipping cream fine and rich bubbles absorbs nutrition for soft cleansing with foam cleansing

2 STEP: Mask sheet

Mask sheet for skin problems special ingredients to give intensive care

World's first MG:gel mask with microorganism ferment high molecular sugar and naturalmoisture chakran ingredient with patent new technology methold gel with skin friendly 4th generation mask pack.

3 STEP: Placenta cream

Placenta cream with essence effect for nutrition / moisture charge


How to Use

1 STEP: Cleanser

Lather bubbles massage lightly onto face and rinse off with lukewarm water thoroughly.

2 STEP: Mask sheet

After face wash remove water and place mask onto face.

After 15~20 minutes remove mask and pat excess essence lightly for absorption.

3 STEP: Cream

Last step of skin care apply right amount evenly onto face and let it absorb.


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